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J Peter Two Reentry Aftercare Program
 Call us at: 919-412-5736
J Peter Two is a Transitional Reentry Program provider for 1-9 pre-release to 12 months post release for Adult Offenders and Ex-offenders, Veterans and Non-veterans within most Reentry Residential Centers/Transitional Housing.   J Peter Two's Mission is to empower and inspire active Adult inmates, Ex-offenders and their families in partnership with wraparound services within the Wake County Reentry Council; to access the cities and towns in the Wake County area population in North Carolina only.  Providing Reentry transitional classes pre-release 1 to 9 months and 1 year post release for Reentry Adult offenders only in a gender specific settings.  Providing support family supportive classes/workshops in a correctional facility setting. The program offers skills in Oral Communication, Anger and/or Frustration Management, Substance Abuse Group Sessions, Workplace Soft and Life Skills, Parenting and Child Communication skills, Parent's Matter Workshops and Cultural Diversity Sensitivity Skills.  J Peter Two is focused on the quality of service during delivery through encouraging each participant, who are enrolled in the classes to become engaged in their success. We encourage each participant to develop relationships that will create positive structured social types of activities. This will provide collaboration with other supportive providers in assuring their recidivism-reduction after Reentry and in their Entrepreneurial and Employment success. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each participants' Reentry is positioned to achieve a life of wholeness and great success.  Our motto is: "We Believe in Second Chances and Let's take a First Step." A Reentry post class assessment is done for total progress outcomes to their Reentry.  J Peter Two, is a stakeholder and we support avoiding recidivism through Skill-Building. Case Management is Post Reentry required. 
Referrals required from the Wake County Courts and/or the Department of Public Safety. Cost is Free!

                                                                   WE BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANCES​

​Is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.  Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  We gratefully acknowledge your contributions to the vision.  No donations are being accepted at this time: Virtual address- 9650 Strickland Road, Suite 103-325, Raleigh, NC  27615.

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