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J Peter Two Reentry Aftercare Program
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Anger / Frustration Management (Trigger Control)    
Anger /Frustration Management Skills     Parent's Building Workshops     Effective Oral Communication Skills 
      "We believe that the best way to transform our communities is to transform the people within those communities".
Effective Oral Communication Skills (Gavel Club)
To empower the participant with the knowledge that anger is a emotion that can be mastered.  Knowing that low self-esteem, negative thoughts, lack of self-worth, survival guilt as it relates to PTSD can all be triggers for veterans or non-veterans following incarceration.  Cease from hurting the ones' you love and letting go of the unforgiveness is the first step to the rebuilding of one's inner peace and their family relationships.  Practicing the skill of forgiveness of oneself and apologizing to those that were hurt, does restore the natural healthy well being for one's body, mind and spirit. This class will inspire and motivate the participant to reach from within themselves in attaining their short term goals and positive cognitive-behavior skills one step at a time in managing their anger.  There will be peer support and/or referral support during an anger management crisis if requested.  Instruction in interpersonal discussion skills, self-advocacy, constructive assertiveness, patience and impulse control.   Each participant will complete an initial and a exist self-assessment.

Class is for 6 weeks.   Cost - Free

To encourage the participant in the  enhancement of their oral communication skills, leadership skills and the appreciation of just how body language does have value in interacting with others.  During the class there will be sessions on elementary short story skills, to assist the participants in taking on more challenging speaking tasks.  Each participant that expresses a need for reading development beyond the scope of this class will be referred by recommendation for more skill development. There is a requirement of holding a (Gavel Club) club officer role while unemployed.  This will provide the participant with more self-confidence and the appreciation of others depending upon their involvement in the group.  Just acknowledging  their membership as a Gavel Club member will also reflect positively in their resume'. The objectives of this club is to provide the tools of self-control, re-directing of negative thinking and how not to have a negative verbal and/or  physical response to their emotions when receiving criticism.  The skills of effective communication develops skills of empathy when listening, acceptance of others and produces genuineness in being real and authentic in relationship communication skill-building. There will be lots of focus on the “jailhouse culture,” with the challenge of coping mechanisms and isolationist attitudes, the participant must unlearned.  In doing so they will equip themselves with behavioral and communication skills that are effective in normal personal, family, workplace and/or community interactions.  Time Management is one of extra tools provided in the class that encourages the value of getting one's point across to others.  Developing a positive respect for time and reliability.  Also, each will provide and receive feedback from others in the group and the group leader.  The Gavel Club is recognized by Toastmasters International, Inc.  Each participant will complete an initial and a exist self-assessment.  With this class the instructor will complete an initial and a exist assessment of the progress and attain goals of the participant.

Class is for 6 weeks however, each  participant can continue and maintain their club officer role until they find employment.

Cost - FREE


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                                                                 Maximum for 6 weeks (other than Gavel Club)

                                                                      Certificates Issued at Completion of Classes

Classes are specific to the reentry residential centers/transitional housing resident Post Release. Workshops provided also Pre-Release as requested.  Most referrals are ex-offenders whose infractions do not exceed a Class C or D Level

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J Peter Two is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.  Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent is allowed by law.  No donations are being accepted at this time:  Virtual Address - 9650 Strickland Road, Suite 103-326,  Raleigh, NC  27615.   We gratefully acknowledge your contribution to our vision.  Thank You!

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Parent's Relationship Building Workshop
Parenting involves a complex process of interactions between a parent and child.  The role of a parent is to guide, protect and nurture their children through the course of their developmental years. Children are bombarded with messages about sex through music, graphic videos, movies, non-prime-time television, magazines and peer educators. Skills in verbal/nonverbal cues, personal space, following rules, showing interest in others, speaking appropriately. Since most parent are reluctant to discuss sexual behavior with their children.  This workshop will enlighten the reentry parent as to what to look for in the hidden media messages that children receive about unhealthy sexual behavior. This workshop with assist the reentry parent in setting ground rules, expectations, a pyramid for healthy successful communication.  It will provide tools to help in dealing with the pressures children will and/or are facing with peer pressures. While encouraging the importance of supervision and strengthening the parent-child communication relationship.

Class is for 5 weeks.  Cost - Free