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J Peter Two Reentry Aftercare Program
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Workplace Soft Skills             Reentry Grief and Family Relationship Building and Barriers
      "We believe that the best way to transform our communities is to transform the people within those communities".

Workplace Soft Skills Pre/Post Release
Reentry Grief - Family Relationship Building and Barriers
To empower the participant with the knowledge of  using the soft work skills and life skills that will assist them in facing the barriers of employment, along with their short and long term goal objectives.   This class is provided in the correctional facility as another source for wraparound service to help participants in reintegration back into their communities. Developing a positive attitude with setting goals through valuing their role as being apart of a team in their  family, in the workplace  and within their community involvement.  Placing value on seeking positive leisure and social activities.  Providing the tools to them while they become more self-sufficient, encouraging them on the value of  a structured  lifestyle that can benefit  the stability of their home and work environment.  Basic living skills that can improve offenders’ behaviors, attitudes, motivation and to value cultural diversity in a more sensitive manner, whether in the workplace or within their family to ensure the  ability to live independently,  to succeed in the community and maintain a crime-free life.  Having the tools that will lead to enhancing their relationships with others, encouraging them to seek, to be inspired and motivated not to give up after returning to their community from a long period of incarceration.     Each participant will be required to complete an initial assessment and an exist assessment.      

Class is for 2 weeks.  

Cost - Free

To empower the participant in addressing Grief trigger obstacles to Reentry that may have occurred before pre-release.  This will aid in the cognitive behavioral development process in their behavior approach emotionally.  Assist the participant in personal and emotional assessment of the value they placed on being in control of his or her life and their attitude towards the crime(s) for which he or she has been incarcerated. This class will assist the participant(s) in their communication thoughts, choices and attitudes associated with their previous criminal behavior, to eliminate barriers to a pre/post successful family relationships.  The focus is to help them recognize antisocial behaviors e.g., (substance abuse (AA/NA) so to develop new strategies for coping with problem-solving, resist antisocial peer pressure after active duty as a veteran or non-veterans offenders.  Grief to Reentry is very common in having positive Family communication skills which will encourage the participant by modeling unconditional love, patience, inspiration so to promote affirmation and forgiveness. J Peter Two use of family relationship communication skill building is to provide an additional wraparound in this area of needs for the participant. This class has two objectives which is to focus on changing the participants' thinking and verbal communication pattern within their family relationships, in order to change their future behavior in living with the traumatic experiences following incarceration.  Each participant that has a history of substance abuse will be encouraged to attend NA/AA meetings regularly and to participant in class group discussion when scheduled.  This class is designed to assist in their personal well being of body, mind and spirit in decreasing any Reentry Grief.    Each participant will complete an initial and a exist self-assessment.

Classes is for 2 weeks.  

Cost - Free

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                                                             Classes for a Maximum 4 weeks (other than Communication)

                                                      Certificates issued at the Completion of Classes

     Classes are not specific only to the reentry residential centers/transitional housing residents and Post-Release Clients. Workshops are also provided Pre-Release when requested. Most referrals that are assisted are ex-offenders whose infractions do not exceed a Class C or D Level unless in a pre-release setting.


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